Meet Each Day Slowly

Meet Each Day Slowly (MEDS) is the simple idea of slowing down enough to enjoy your life.  We can’t slow the march of time, but we can make each moment count.  By meeting each situation with love and mindfulness, we find peace and acceptance in the present moment.

The MEDS Manifesto











We believe in slowing down to notice and engage in beauty.


We believe in being prepared to handle stressful situations by spending time in connection each morning.


We believe that creating art in meditation and prayer activates that connection.


We believe every slow breath is an act of loving self-care.


We believe our creative spirits hold deep and transformational healing powers and, like healthy muscles, should be stretched and exercised every day.

The MEDS Prescription











Meet Each Day Slowly means we are fully activating our spiritual wellness to face our challenges.  We do this each day by finding time to microdose these 12 mind, body and spirit anti-inflammatories.

CLICK on the icons to learn about each one and get tips for microdosing.  We’ve also added a FREE GIFT for you at the bottom of each page!

The MEDS Lifestyle











Here are some ways you can implement Meet Each Day Slowly practices into your life:


Find 5-20 minutes each day to bring silence to your life and connect with yourself.  Create a silence bubble around you, and spend some uninterrupted breathing-listening-receiving time there.

Treat your breathing with respect.  Give it the gift of noticing, admiring and thanking it for literally saving your life.

Swerve your life toward mindfulness with daily meditation and prayer.  Practicing slowness in peace and quiet will slow your reactions when your world turns back to noisy and stressful.

Develop a massive crush on your Higher Power.  Let your thoughts drift naturally to it when you wake up and go to bed, sneak in some connecting time during the day and send it some love letters.

Treat each meal like the Life Connoisseur that you are.  Make the time to juice, cook and design your meals in a way that shows you care about your body and health. 

Since you want to move in a better direction, literally MOVE in a better direction.  Taking a walk and doing movements refreshes your body’s circulation and mind’s thought circulation. 

Replace your passive screen time with active creative time.  Unleash your inner artist by designing your personal altar, starting a craft project, or coloring a pretty card.

Make your personal space a living embodiment of your goals.  Nudge your mind to remember your goals by placing reminders around your home, office and car.