Living With Low Light



If we lack light in our life, our life feels very dark most of the time.  Darkness can be depression or feeling down, heavy or even grief.  A lack of light can make life difficult especially over the days.  It just seems to weigh life down and makes it difficult to handle each day.  So many circumstances and situations arise each day, the darkness makes it difficult to handle them.

The Benefits of High Light



When we start allowing our light to shine, our very own light, we feel much better, and life seems easier and lighter with the light.  It takes a commitment to call on the light each day.  Right when your day starts, call on the sunshine, it’s the light that makes the world go around, dance, feed us, shows us the way.  With this light we can get excited about our day and our light.  We all have a light.  We just have to nurture it and call on it to help support us. 


Tips for Microdosing Light


1. Awake and call on the sun every morning to share beautiful light with you.  Take a walk in the sun.  Sun gaze just as it’s rising, when it’s a big ball of orange. Take that into your beautiful body and carry it throughout your day.  Call on it when you need it.

2. Journal or color the lights so you can carry it with you through your day.

3. Share your light with loved ones and strangers just by shining it brightly.  No words needed.  Make it a daily happening and feel how this makes you feel in your body.

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