Living With Low Grace



Living with low Grace feels like a dishonor to our beautiful self and to Source in our life. Maybe even a little shame creeps in because we’re not doing this or doing that. It’s a continual drain on our bodies to feel this dishonor of ourselves.  It might feel like complete and utter exhaustion on our system, or it might be difficult to handle our day because we’re trying so hard and still feel dishonor at the same time.  Spinning our wheels is a statement.

The Benefits of High Grace



When we feel we have dishonored ourselves and others, we call on Grace to support us and elevate us beyond the pain of shame and blame.  Grace is always available, yet we need to call for it.  When we now that we need it and make the call, we find healing and self-love.


Tips for Microdosing Grace


1. Grace is available in our daily devotional time.  Start with calling on Grace with your deep breaths. WIth your prayer, with your colors, with your journaling.

2. Carrying Grace in your heART throughout your day.  When in need say, ‘Grace’ to yourself whenever you can.  A gentle reminder in each moment is a game changer.

3. Allow Grace to give you the answer to any question you might have.  Any prayer you have.  Allow and accept Grace.  Journal what Grace feels like to you.  Then acknowledge the feeling in your body. 

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