After the loss of my sister, I found healing when I turned to art and writing. The benefits to my mental and emotional health were amazing.

— Brette Petway

Hi, I'm Brette.

I have dedicated my adult life to developing daily practices that have seen me through life’s toughest moments, from the devastating death of my younger sister, Mandi, to my divorce, remarriage and merging my blended family. I am thrilled to share the unique and transformational techniques I have created.

People around the world have been inspired by my message of Meeting Each Day Slowly. My microdosing techniques have been used by teenagers struggling with depression and anxiety, adults who have lost jobs and worry about taking care of their family, and those who suffer from addiction as they strive to get their life back on track.

Whether you’re experiencing a major life transition or just ready to have some fun learning how to integrate art into your daily life, my techniques and products promise to help you slow down, find your inner calm and soothe your soul. They will empower you to take control of your well-being, and move you down a path toward comfort and peace.

About My Journey

I never imagined that I’d be an artist as I was growing up, and I especially dislike being asked, “What are you going to be when you grow up?”  I never really knew the answer. I still don’t. I did, however, find interest in Fitness and Nutrition in college, and I graduated with that degree. (School was one quagmire of a journey, but that’s another story.)  During college, I found myself journaling like crazy during a trip on Outward Bound, and kept on journaling when I returned.  It was a miracle in my life to find this creative outlet for my emotions because, soon after, I lost my sister to cancer when I was 25.

I found that journaling what I was actually feeling due to the grief, anger, stress, and depression that I was experiencing led me to drawing and painting.  Words became the color, and then a drawing or painting.  Miracles were happening but, at that point, I wasn’t able to speak to what I was experiencing.  And luckily for me, I just kept creating, inspiring myself and healing through any medium I could get into.  

All of these years later, I continue to heal myself and others through my art and my own self-creative expression.  I start all of my work by slowing down, connecting, breathing and trusting my process.  I call everything I create a prayer since it is my spiritual connection to God, my creator, our creator that is in on this creative, expressive miracle I experience daily. 

I believe that we’re all self-taught artists, and we can take care of our beautiful selves by slowing down and taking time to express our creativity. In today’s busy, crazy, wild world, we must Meet Each Day Slowly and take the time for ourselves.  In a world where everything is moving so fast and we lose sight of the beauty in front of us, our time to make this change is now.  In the moment.  In each moment.

On Finally Fulfilling My Destiny as an Artist

Do you know the story of Margaret Keane, the artist behind the “Big Eyes” paintings?  She painted these amazing works of art but lacked the confidence to put her own name on them.  Her husband took all the credit and profits, until finally she found her voice, stepped out of the shadows and gathered the courage to reveal the truth.


Margaret has been a hero and inspiration to me ever since I found myself in a similar situation.  I’ve never had an overbearing husband who took credit for my work, but I have had an under-developed sense of my own worth.  I am an artist, yet for years, I was letting graphic designers develop artwork for my company.  I devalued my own artistry because I thought others knew better. It’s a story so many of us women can tell about our careers.


So here I am, in all my vulnerability and honesty, stepping out from behind the shadows of others to introduce you to my new products and website.  Every painting and bookmark has been painted by me alone.  Every card is a reproduction of an original piece of art I created, and all our crystal healing products are produced by individual artisans who were chosen for their commitment to their craft.

People Who Inspire Me

Tom Petway

I’ve always been inspired by my father.  If he had social media in his day, I imagine he’d share a lot of his business tips and insights into life.  He’s a spiritual man that always shares a PMA (positive mental attitude), and my PMA comes from my dear father.  Thanks, Dad.  

Oprah Winfrey

I admire Oprah’s love for all of humanity.  No matter what she does, she is coming from love.  What’s not to love about dear Oprah?  Maybe she’ll be President one day.  Never say never.  She makes my day, almost everyday. 

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel has the most amazing love of color that I’ve ever seen. She wears her colors like no one else in the world.  She is a walking painting, and is always full of fun and inspiration.  Smiles are contagious with her. 

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is, most likely, the BEST inspiration of all times for me. I love how she is helping those with mental health issues thru her Born This Way Foundation. It is amazing how she shape-shifts into every role she plays in her life.  She knows how to own Gaga.  She’s vulnerable, raw and real in every sense of that word.  Real courage. 

Sarah Blakely

Sara Blakely knows how to support women in business, dress women, and support the precious mama’s with young kiddos right now.  She brings women to the forefront as entrepreneurs, and her company Spanx is amazing too.  She knows how to have fun and share it. 

Juliette Crane

Juliette Crane is an artist that inspires me with her color and creatures.  She is the one artist that significantly influenced my Soul Prayers, and I love how she works over and over a painting and stays with it until the painting is finished instead of her being finished.  So inspiring and in the creative flow. 

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