Living With Low Courage



When we feel a lack of confidence or self-love in our life, we have a lack of courage.  This can happen in a relationship, friendship, as a parent, or at a job etc. It takes courage to believe in ourselves and to speak up for ourselves.  This is very difficult when we feel weakness, shame, guilt, or lack of self-confidence and self-love. 

The Benefits of High Courage



It takes a strength to bring courage to our lives.  It takes being authentic, vulnerable and transparent to feel courage.  Being able to share and not be attached to what people might think or feel about us is courageous.  Being free to express and share what is on our heart and not hide behind the beauty of who we are is courageous.   Sharing your beauty opens us to feeling good about ourselves and the courage to live from this space.


Tips for Microdosing Courage


1. Devote your morning time to feeling what courage actually feels like inside your head, heart and hands, as well as your body.  

2. Take time to journal, draw or color what you’re feeling and spend some time feeling courage

3. Take a reminder with you for the day.  Wear a special courage bracelet, necklace, take a courage card with you, speak to a friend about courage during the day. 

Download Your Free Courage Coloring Card