Living With Low Prayer



Lack of prayer in our lives causes us to feel disconnected with ourselves and a disconnection with our relationship with Source  We have a disbelief about our connection with Source consciousness.  Or neglect our Source all together.  We might feel like our life just has no real meaning and what’s the point of all of this anyway. 

The Benefits of High Prayer



When we bring prayer and a connection with Source into our lives, we feel more connected to our mind, body, soul and spirit. We feel we have a reason to be here and stay connected to our lives and the people in it. 


Tips for Microdosing Prayer

1. Find time each morning or evening to devote to connecting with yourself and with your Source 

2. Bring a simple prayer to your heart, share it with your Source, let it go and receive what comes.

3. Make sure to connect with prayer throughout your day when needed.  Take prayer card with you, visit your altar, take deep breaths, take a walk.

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