Living With Low Comfort



We lack comfort when we feel uncomfortable with ourselves.  Our lives feel unsettled and crazy.  We might feel pain in our body, our mind, our spirit, our soul.  Emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually.  It’s just difficult to be at home inside.  We have a difficult time finding comfort.

The Benefits of High Comfort


Feeling comfort inside is a breath of fresh air.  We have to take the time to nurture ourselves, take care of ourselves.  Take the time to slow down, recognize each step and each breath.  When we can acknowledge our life on this deep, profound level, comfort starts becoming a natural feeling in our lives.  It takes attention, intention and self-care.


Tips for Microdosing Comfort


1. Start your day feeling comfort by devoting time to yourself.  Writing, coloring, meditating, praying.  Choose one of these and feel comforted by taking this moment, five minutes or 20 minutes for yourself. 

2. Call on this feeling throughout your day.  When you in a hurry, slow down, breath, acknowledge a comfort feeling in your body.  Ground and hold this feeling.

3. Carry a comfort card with you, wear a special ring that reminds you of comfort.  Drink an afternoon tea or take a comforting walk.

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