Living With Low Faith



When we feel disbelief in our life or lack confidence and trust, a disconnect from Source, or doubt our decisions we might have a lack of faith. Life seems challenging in all areas because of this disconnect.  This can cause stress, anxiety or depression, and we are not aware of why we are even feeling this.  A lack of faith is a lack of aligning with life, with ourselves, and with source.

The Benefits of High Faith



Faith is our lifeline to a connection with Source and a connection with ourselves  Faith fills us with trust and a knowing that all is well for our body, mind, soul and spirit.  Everything seems to flow and be Ok, no matter the situation.  We are connected to a wisdom and understanding that supports us, loves us and gives us a reason to be here. 


Tips for Microdosing Faith


1. Write about Faith, color or draw it. Feel faith in your whole being, especially your heart.  Breathe and acknowledge that beauty and awe and wonder,

2. Take this awe and wonder with you throughout your day.  Take a faith card, a faith creation that you’ve created or place a faith card on your altar.  Take a faith prayer for the day.

3. Share your faith with others in a simple gesture that you know and feel as faith.  The beautiful being receives it as a smile, a hug, a warm heart.

Download Your Free Faith Coloring Card