Living With Low Peace


When we feel stressed out and anxious all of the time, peace is difficult to feel in our life.  We live in a hurried culture designed for instant gratification, and that is just not realistic when we want peace in our lives.  We might shake, feel very unsettled, act out towards others, lose our temper, or nurture bad habits to make us ‘feel peace.’  These are all poor choices that are not supporting peace.

The Benefits of High Peace



Slow down, take deep breaths, and acknowledge that peace is a feeling, and it happens on the inside of our beautiful bodies.  When we experience and feel peace, it is the peace that surpasses all understanding.  We don’t experience that anything has to be a certain way, we accept what is.  This is true peace, being with what is, and not reacting with stress and anxious feelings. 


Tips for Microdosing Courage


1. Go within during your morning devotional time, release any stressful or anxious feelings by tapping into a calm, peaceful feeling.  This might take a minute or two.  Keep taking deep breaths and calming your bodily sensations.

2. Remember this breath all day long.  When in a challenging, stressful moment, go to that deep breath that you experienced that morning.

3. Be mindful to feel peace each time you experience it and make it a new habitual feeling in your life circumstances.  If it’s not there, it’s ok, call on peace the next opportunity.

4. Journal, color or draw your peaceful journey.  Give yourself a big hug, keep doing the process of acknowledging peace in your body.

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