Living With Low Truth



When we lack truth in our lives, we lack freedom.  The more dishonest we are with ourselves, family, friends, and strangers, the more difficult life seems to be.  The little white lies add up and only hurt our choices in life.  We feel disconnected from ourselves and from others.

The Benefits of High Truth


The truth sets us free. This is the greatest saying and it really is true, it is truth.  When we are able to live our truth, be real, be authentic, be transparent, we are given a freedom that only the truth can give us.  The truth is not attached to what someone else thinks or even what we think.  It’s more important that it is shared so that we feel free. 


Tips for Microdosing Truth


1. Contemplate your truth first thing in the morning during your devotional time. Remember to reflect in the evening how you lived your truth during the day.

2. Take a reminder with you throughout your day to live your truth.  The word, a TRUTH card, a bracelet. 

3. Have a buddy system or a coach to connect with and support this becoming a new habit, a new way of life.

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