Custom Healing Energy Portrait


Brette Petway’s custom Healing Energy Portraits are created by combining art, intuition, and prayer. Each individualized, original piece of art is channeled through and created by her onto 5”x7” paper. Every portrait is completely unique to the individual for whom it is intended.

As a daily practitioner of art therapy, Brette has spent 20 years reflecting and mirroring energy through an artistic response.  Healing Energy Portraits can be a meaningful and beautiful gift for yourself or for a loved one. They are a special way to mark a birthday, holiday, life transition, or to receive a clear reflection of your essence. It is also fun to frame pairs for couples (for wedding or anniversary gifts,) or frame multiples for members of a family. Another idea is to order these portraits for each member of a group (of friends, support group, women’s circle, etc) and present them as prayer request cards.

How are these created?

After you place your order, Brette will send you a message via email that includes a few questions about you (or for you to answer about the recipient of a gift portrait.) In addition to answering the questions, you will need to provide a clear, color photograph of the recipient. Once she receives your answers and the photo, she will sit in her sacred meditation space and translate the recipient’s answers into a custom portrait. As every portrait is channeled thru her and created to order, please allow up to 2 weeks after we receive your questionnaire responses for creation, plus the shipping time. (If you need it by a certain date, please do let us know, as we may be able to create it sooner for you, depending on her calendar.)


Each 5×7 card includes a custom painted artwork on one side and a message personally written by Brette Petway on the other. Each card is activated to the healing necessary per your request, and we recommend it be placed in a visible location in your home so that the energy is transmitted throughout.


Comfort, Compassion, Courage, Faith, Grace, Gratitude, Hope, Light, Love, Peace, Prayer, Truth


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