Living With Low Compassion



It’s easy to judge, compare and not care when we feel life is difficult, so why even care about ourselves or others?  Having a lack of compassion affects our relationship to ourselves and with others.  Life can be very difficult and challenging all around us because others will feel our difficulty with compassion.  We might easily anger, get in arguments easily or react to circumstances because we lack the capacity to care. 

The Benefits of High Compassion



Having compassion brings in a forgiving sense of caring.  Sharing a feeling of honoring ourself and others makes a difference in our daily life.  It brings a sense of wellbeing and joy to our life. Taking the attention off of ourselves and finding compassion for others and life in general help to relieve stress in our daily life.  Compassion is an opening for healing in our lives in the most profound way.


Tips for Microdosing Compassion


1. In your daily meditation or devotion feel compassion for yourself.  Journal about this compassion, draw this compassion, pray about this compassion.

2. In your daily life ,share compassion with others when you are out and about with friends, family or strangers.  Find things to have compassion for.

3. Journal in the evening how you feel after experiencing a day of compassion.  Make this a daily habit and see how your life changes.

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