Living With Low Hope



There is a hope that lives in all of us.  When we lack hope, we lack believing in ourselves.  We have a difficult time getting excited about the next step.  Desperation takes over.  Hope brings a healing to ourselves that is so profound.  It is never about anyone else.  We have the opportunity to hope that each day, each moment we live for only the best in each circumstance. 

The Benefits of High Hope



When we live with hope, we know that each circumstance will be okay just as it is.  We are not attached to our lives and the circumstances being a certain way or having a certain outcome.  The hope is that all is well with our soul, not anything to do with the other person or situation. 


Tips for Microdosing Hope


1. Devote time each morning to sitting with hope. Bring it into what is going on in your day and relate it to how you actually feel.  Bring the feeling of hope to each moment for a beautiful and healing outcome with no attachment.

2. Take something with you about your day, a card, a treat, a prayer, an affirmation that reminds you of the hope that you felt that morning and can feel right now.

3. Acknowledge, journal, color, draw what hope felt like during your day.

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