Living With Low Gratitude



Living life ungratefully can cause a tremendous amount of uneasy feelings inside.  We might feel depressed, lonely, isolated, have a sour attitude, have hard time with others, or difficulty in expressing thanks.   Lacking gratitude itself can cause these feelings and emotions to arise.  It can become a downward spiral and get worse with time.  One hard feeling or emotion leads to another. 

The Benefits of High Gratitude


With a gratitude attitude and an open heart for giving thanks, one good thankful moment will lead to another. Gratitude actually grows and expands our hearts to feel more gratitude if we focus on what we’re grateful for in our lives, big things, little things, people, food, animals, the weather, a trip, a smile from a stranger.  Whatever it might be, that feeling brings positive energy to our whole body and makes a difference in our daily life.  We will continue to have an attitude of gratitude throughout the day. 


Tips for Microdosing Gratitude


1. Start the day with what you’re grateful for, write 3 things down you’re grateful for each day.  Choose to create a gratitude list each day while spending time in devotion. 

2. Witness your gratitude during the day. Feel it. What happens when you are grateful?  Feel how it feels to be thankful.

3. How was your day with giving thanks?  Were you able to acknowledge gratitude in your daily life and share that with others. 

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