What I Learned From Doing TM Everyday For a Year


I’ve been practicing TM, also known as Transcendental Meditation, for a year now.  All is can say and share is WOW.  I have really transformed over these 12 months of remaining quiet, silent and somewhat still two times a day for twenty minutes.  You don’t have to remain completely still, but silent, yes. I had no idea what I was getting into but felt in my heart that I needed it and it was time. 

I came across TM several times in my life, but I didn’t listen the first two times.  Finally, due to being diagnosed with hypertension, I heard the third call and answered it immediately.  I signed up for a four day course, about 2 hours each day, to learn TM from a certified teacher.  I was in class with several other precious people needing TM in their crazy lives as well. 

Here’s the truth of the matter.  I was so stressed and anxious, for quite a long time, meaning years, and my body was calling out.  Because I was so ready, it was like a fish finding agua. It just felt like I came home to myself.  Let me explain.  I’m a type A personality, I am on the go, things to do, things to create, things to share.  I always have another idea that I’m following, dreaming about, keeping up with.  I’m also on my second marriage with four kids living apart from my husband while my youngest is in high school. A stressful circumstance, for sure.  So many different stressors yet I’m not feeling all of that stress, even with the same things going on in my life. 


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My 12-month Journey

When I first started, it was interesting as I found myself so exhausted that I needed to take a nap after meditating. I would sleep for 20 minutes or so. My teacher shared with me, this is the stress leaving your body.   I had accumulated so much stress in my body and it was literally leaving my body, I felt it.  After several months of releasing the stress, I started feeling calm and very focused.  I haven’t been a very focused person, really I was ADD.  Feeling calm, focused, and inspired are new ways that I live.  I have always loved the phrase, “Live simply so others may simply live.”  This way of life is living simply. I’m more connected to myself on a profound, simple level everyday and the process is so simple, healing and a miracle.  

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How I’ve Changed

TM’s motto is “Do less, accomplish more,” and oh is this so true.  I’m  productive, clear, calm, confident and connected to myself and what it is I’m focused on.  This is all because I practice  TM  two times a day.  I have also found that my family benefits from my TM as well.  If I’m calm, they‘re calm.  Absolutely brilliant.  It’s accumulative healing, and it helps others.  Yay! 

I feel that it’s life changing, everyday,  because it just happens for me, I don’t have to think about it or if I miss it, it’s Ok, I just sit in my next meditation.  I’ve been around for 54 years, close to 55 and I’ve ‘tried’ a lot of different ways to ‘heal’ myself, be calm, to slow down my life and enjoy the moment.   Journaling, collaging, painting, church, therapy, diets, massages, exercise, coaches, courses, programs, etc.  And, this by far, my friends, is my answer to a rich, deep, inner landscape that nurtures every aspect of my life, inside and out.  TM is truly a miracle. TM is the inspiration.  My body, mind, soul and spirit lives in gratitude on a daily basis.  Such a great way to start and end each day knowing that I’ve practiced my TM. 

TM is the answer to being stress-free.  Being silent with my TM mantra two times a day has become to me my new ‘religion.’  Or, my new consistent go-to. I love God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and this just connects me on a deeper level with my spiritual life. I always meditate first thing in the morning and I have been known, especially in the beginning, to miss my second one for the day. Eventually that changed, because I enjoy it so much, I don’t want to miss it.  They told us that you’ll be able to meditate wherever you are.  This is really true.  I’ve practiced my TM on a plane, a train, and in my car before a meeting while in the parking lot.  I’ve been at a friend’s house and shared, “I need to take a break and meditate now.”

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Getting Started With TM

There is an abundant amount of info at TM.org if you find yourself interested in learning more.  There is also so many studies and research in all the different ways that TM is touching people’s lives.  I believe there are 5 million people practicing TM.

TM is offered in all major cities, go to TM.org, put in your zip code and their TM center will come up. It’s a very friendly process and, yes, it does cost money to become a TM meditator.  It was worth every penny in the $960.00 I paid.  It paid off in the first 90 days for me. Once you’ve completed the class, you’ll have a specific TM mantra that you’ll use every meditation.  

Please reach out to me, I’m more than happy to answer any questions and support your journey to Meeting Each Day Slowly.