Prayer is Good: A Path From Grief to Peace


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The 12 Words That Will Jumpstart Your Prayers…And Your Heart at the Same Time 

The first book of its kind to combine the healing arts of bible study, art therapy, aromatherapy, meditation and journaling into one powerful program

Peace isn’t easy to attain when you are going through emotionally devastating events. Do you have trouble expressing yourself to a friend, family member or Jesus? Is it hard for you to close your eyes and tell HIM about your pain in a way you are expected to do in society? Brette Petway offers a unique healing solution that combines prayer and art.

In her Living Now Award-winning book, Prayer Is Good: A Path from Grief to Peace, Brette Petway proves it is possible to overcome the negative influences and emotional pain in our life. Brette’s transformational healing art and prayer program is a powerful way to relax, foster mindfulness and gratitude. The 12 inspirational words in her book are thoughtfully designed to push away any stress or negative thoughts allowing you to connect to God and Jesus, your inner self and achieve better mental health. Encouraging words, such as “Hope”, “Trust”, “Prayer”, and many others, can be colored, framed, shared, or mailed. She offers tips on bringing prayer, peace and comfort to your home by creating an altar space which puts your family life on a tranquil and healing path. 

Brette spent the last 30 years creating this healing program and helping countless people through her Christian mission-based company, Prayer is Good. In this book, she has shared this same program with the world.



Prayer is Good: A Path from Grief to Peace invites you to move through the grieving process in a new way. Through her own story of grief and loss, author Brette Petway shares interactive ways to pray and experience your personal conversation with God. Feel the healing miracle of prayer and nurture your beautiful self through your senses.

Grief leaves no one untouched. Brette invites you to take a prayerful journey with your head, heart, and hands, to move from grief to peace.

Prayer is Good presents a new way to bring your prayer to life and life to your prayer.

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