Light Spirit Serum perfume



100% natural and handcrafted perfume oil that combines CBD and essential oils with the healing power of crystals.

Apply our LIGHT blend and shed 10 lbs. of unwanted drama baggage. Darkness belongs on a smoky eye, not in your heart.  200 mgs CBD, Clementine, Tuberose, and Citrine crystals in a rollerball applicator.

Each bottle of Light Spirit Serum houses powerful Citrine crystals for an extra dose of mood-lifting energy. Citrine is one of the only crystals that does not store any negativity. Let it infuse your soul with happiness and light to open you up to the new opportunities and positive possibilities that already surround you.

Each bottle of Spirit Serum is hand poured, then blessed with healing energy.

Perfect for your purse, your perfume wardrobe or your altar.

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CBD   Our CBD is derived from Colorado grown non-GMO hemp. To consistently ensure highest quality from plant to product, our growers use kosher alcohol instead of harmful solvents to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant. Every product batch is 3rd party tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and potency.

Clementine Aids in refreshing and revitalizing one’s overall mood and feeling of wellness.  This sublime citrus promotes ease, tranquility and clarity as it is a restorative agent to the brain. As such, Clementine essential oil helps you in getting a good night’s rest and leaves you feeling rejuvenated as well as energized the next day.

Tuberose This delightful oil benefits intuition, creativity, sensuality, peace of mind, and positive resolve.

Power Your Spirit Serum:

This bottle of perfume is a sacred object for your spirit.

I would love to suggest a beautiful ritual to use before using your perfume for the very first time…

Spend a moment thinking about its LIGHT intention. It could be how you can bring light to yourself, your family, friends, strangers or the world.

Hold your perfume bottle between your hands and close your eyes. In your mind’s eye, see the bottle filling up with a bright yellow light, and see the word “Light” imprinted in the light. See it, feel it, be in that feeling for a full minute. Now put on your perfume and inhale the scent.

EVERY TIME you put on this perfume, feel into that intention.

You are free to reset the intention on your bottle whenever you like, but it will hold your intention until the bottle is finished.






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