A New Kind of Bookmark


Designed to drape over your books and bookshelves

Make a special book stand out on a shelf or drape all your books for colorful display that beams energy and light.

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Trouble sleeping?  Place relaxing gemstones next to your bed.

Our book drapes with Aquamarine and Blue Lace Agate are perfect for your nightstand.

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Hand-selected Luxury Crystals


Draping your book with crystals that are aligned with your intention serves as a constant reminder of your intention. Every time you see and open your book, you will be reminded of the intentions and goals you set for yourself.  You can also match your Book Drape to your reading materials, like self-help and inspiration books, to empower the message.

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Handmade just for you


Every Book Drape is a unique piece of art.  We combine hand-painted layers of thick paper, hand-stitch the seams, and attach our exclusive gemstone tassels with lovely ribbon.  Our Book Drapes are designed to fit all but the biggest of coffee table books, and make the perfect divider for your Erin Condren planner.

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The Ultimate Book and Journal Accessory

Your book might be mass-produced, but your bookmark doesn’t have to be.  Flash some personal style every time you reach for your book or Bujo Journal!  Looking for a gift for your fashion influencer, style icon, cool book nerd or chic college girlfriend?  This is it!

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