Prayer is a part of everything I do, including my art. These Soul Prayers reflect what’s on my heart to share with you.


Repeat these four phrases …
I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you./one_half]

Be open to healing & miracles.  No attachments or expectations. Trust and keep the faith. God bless you friends.

What’s in my head and on my heart and comes through my hands changes weekly. Come back and receive my Soul Prayers for you.

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8 hours ago

Brette Petway

One way to share prayer in your life. Collage it, color it, write it all from your head, heART and hands.

This is one way to bring prayer to life and life to your prayer. Make it active, open up to what needs and wants to be shared. It’s really difficult to ‘feel’ when we always have this ‘device,’ a device of some sort in front of us.

My passion & mission is to keep us writing, journaling and coloring to keep our bodies, souls, spirits healthy & happy.

When I started doing this 20+ years ago there wasn’t iPhones and heavy computer usage. Wow, have times changed AND I’M ON MISSION.
God is Good and so is accessing our prayers with our head, heART and hands. Try it. 💜🙏
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God bless, Mandy. God bless us all as we’re all one. As Desmond Tutu says ‘I am because we are.’

So inspiring and beautiful and motivating. It’s our heART that takes us places not just our physicalness. Be inspired my friends. Make today matter in whatever you do & wherever you go, in the very moment. Maybe, make it a prayer. Bring prayer to your life and life to your prayer. Love you. 💜Brette

Mandy Horvath, a double amputee, climbed the Manitou Incline yesterday – 2,700 steps! 👏👏
(Video courtesy Mandy Horvath/Instagram)
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1 day ago

Brette Petway

These 2 dear, precious beings have taken every step with me in All-ways, shapes, sizes, ups, downs, in, out, right, left, up, right, wrong, neutral, sideways, grief, laughter, joy, love, faith, & sooooo much more.
I love you Dad & Mom to the galaxy’s and back. I’m eternally grateful for you loving & supporting my journey here on the planet. Thank you for reading and understanding my story from my perspective. Totally blessed to have you receive this true blessing & miracle in my life called Prayer is Good.
God is blessing you both. 💜🙏
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2 days ago

Brette Petway

This handsome guy took this journey with me. So grateful @ashtonsears - I love you to the moon and back. You’ve taken so many steps with me and for this I’m eternally grateful. 💜🙏 ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

Brette Petway

My friends, will you take a prayerful journey with me? Introducing my book, Prayer is Good, that launches May 6th. Super excited to bring our life to prayer and prayer to our lives together. ... See MoreSee Less

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