Prayer is a part of everything I do, including my art. These Soul Prayers reflect what’s on my heart to share with you.

Love that your heart is blessed with the arts and leisure as well as with your connection to god, pure source, and divinity… hallelujah.
Remember life is beautiful. Sometimes we have to envision bliss bubbles rewarding us for just BEing who we are in this beautiful moment.

What’s in my head and on my heart and comes through my hands changes weekly. Come back and receive my Soul Prayers for you.


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***Back of my book***
(right now, lol)

You're invited to take a prayerful journey. Prayer is Good, A New Way to Pray, invites you to express your prayers while you journal and color using your head, heart and hands. Brette shares how to welcome prayer into your life and experience your own conversation with God. She inspires you to create a prayerful life through observing how you feel and what you need prayer for. It's not about the outcome, it's about the prayerful journey.
Let's keep calm and pray together.
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Oh the past. Thank you FB. But it's true, SO true. I do LOVE you and I do love Ho'oponopono. 💜🌺🙏 ... See MoreSee Less

Action #hooponopono! I do love you, I'm really sorry, please forgive me, thank you so much. #prayerisgood #soulfulllife #soullife #cantgetenough

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I love you
I'm sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you

Ho'oponopono prayer for all Mothers today. Happy Mothers Day.
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I Love You..I'm Sorry..Please Forgive Me..Thank You 🙂 #hoponosecrets #Hooponopono

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Excited to share inspirations from my new book .....
It's real time, real raw, real life...

Prayer is Good
A New Way to Pray

'is an inspired Prayerful journey that invites you to bring prayer into your everyday life, not just when something happens. The truth is there is always something happening in life.
To me that 'something' is our connection to God, to the Divine, to the spirit that is alive in each of us. This is a daily nutrient that can support us just like we eat healthy food for our body, this is food for our soul and spirit, our whole body. It's important that we connect with God, with our beautiful self, the lives of our beloveds, people on our planet and our beautiful earth.'

This is an invitation for you to take this Prayerful journey with me. This book will be an inner-active journey with prayer. I'm thrilled to share more soon.

Keep prayin' and lovin' like crazy friends. 💜brette
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Real Time

What happens here is ReAl TiMe

Real time. Messages from God.
Spirit. Trust. Faith. Holy Sprit.
Freedom. Now. Prayers.

Every morning this flow, flows.
Gratitude for the flow that helps
me get out of my own way.
Find my way.
Sometimes - it's hard to get out of my way, what does that even mean?
Ask God, listen to God, receive from God, Be with God, listen to God, trust God. Surrender to God.

Write it all down. What I hear comes through my head, heart and hands.
Heals me. Guides me. Loves me.
Miracles. Miracles. Miracles.

Answered prayers. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Love finding ways to receive all blessings that flow from God.

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