Prayer is a part of everything I do, including my art. These Soul Prayers reflect what’s on my heart to share with you.

Take a deep breath, dear one. Now, connect to a peace that passes all understanding.  Let go, release into peace. Breathe./one_half]

Peace before me, peace behind me, peace to my left, peace to my right, peace above me, and below me. Peace is who I am.

What’s in my head and on my heart and comes through my hands changes weekly. Come back and receive my Soul Prayers for you.

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Lent 2018.
I adore the Lent season - each year I delve into a deep journey with Jesus. I love Jesus so much
and just feel more moved to share my journey with His guidance. Love, so much love my friends. Love is the answer.

Day #18
Dear God, when I ask, I receive, when I seek, I find you, when I knock, you answer and open the door. I’m so grateful. 143. 💜🙏
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I adore these 4 Ho’oponopono phrases. They change my life every single day for the better no matter the circumstances. I have many difficult moments and when they arise so do these 4 phrases. Another way to pray.

God blesses us all in all the ways we deal, cope, work, handle, live with our circumstances. Hallelujah!

Try saying these 4 phrases, repeat them over & over when necessary. The idea here is self-forgiveness, loving our beautiful self first, no matter what. Self-responsibility is self-love and self-care.

Start here my friends.

Post any questions. I’ll do my best to answer. If I don’t know the answer I’ll give you resources.
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God bless this day with the love & light that we are. We’re all one, let’s share our love.
Bless us all, no exceptions.
I love you, thank you. 💜🙏
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Prayerful etiquette with our cell phones.
My friend Wendy Rose & I are inspired. We created these cellphone treasure boxes to house our electronic devices, especially during meals.
We feel meals are the place to share with ourselves, family & friends about the importance of being present & accountable with one another.
So.... pick a box, decorate it with some inspirational intentions for 2018 and enjoy some eye contact and pleasurable conversations about your days with your peeps! Be a day maker and 🐝 present in the moment.... be here now. ‘Cell Om’ and breathe deep knowing you’re loved and cared for!
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