What Are the Healing Benefits of Amethyst?

I have always loved the color purple since I can remember as a young girl.  I would do anything to have purple in my life.  I’d wear purple, I’d paint my room purple, I’d color with purple, I even had purple cabinets in my kitchen.  Now, I have purple hair tinsel in my hair and I wear purple amethyst everyday.  Purple blesses me on a daily basis and helps me keep connected spiritually. 

The amethyst crystal is very special to me because it comes from our amazing planet earth.  Such wisdom comes from the earth and crystals share this wisdom as well as magic.  It’s beautiful to be able to wear this crystal and have it around my home. I have it in my bedroom, on my altar and I have it tattooed on my left wrist.  I cannot get enough of purple and purple amethyst.  

There are many qualities that I love about this crystal.  It’s a very powerful stone for transformation and healing.  It opens the crown chakra and helps us connect to the divine. Connects us to our spirituality, allowing faith to flow in. And, it’s very calming and brings a feeling of safety.  Sometimes it helps heal physical and emotional ailments as well.  There are so many different ways that amethyst supports us.  These are some of the ways that it moves me.  My nervous system feels peaceful and calm overall from the beauty of this stone. 

I believe that in today’s crazy times, we need daily reminders to slow down and take care of ourselves.  One special way is connecting with the amethyst crystal.  It is used to help us feel imaginative and sensitive, compassionate and kind, selfless and unworldly, intuitive and sympathetic.

The beauty is that the amethyst crystal can support us with its many different qualities wherever we go.  We can wear it, adorn our altars and homes with it, our gardens with it. 

This is my amethyst ring as I’m typing this blog post, that I wear everyday.  Also, my tattoo on my left wrist with an amethyst bracelet. 

Amethyst blesses me everyday. SO much to be grateful for.  Where do you have amethyst in your life? Please do share.  Blessings.