Are You Meeting Each Day Slowly?

Let’s see which area of your life could use a bit of microdosing.  Answer each question honestly to get your results.  If your results show low levels of any of the MEDS, you can learn more about your specific challenges here:

MEDS – Truth

MEDS – Love

MEDS – Peace

MEDS – Gratitude

MEDS – Hope

MEDS – Light

MEDS – Prayer

MEDS – Faith

MEDS – Grace

MEDS – Comfort

MEDS – Courage

MEDS – Compassion


1.I have a fear of taking care of myself.
2.I have a difficult time believing in myself.
3.I am uncomfortable with myself and others.
4.Life feels dark most of the time.
5.I don’t feel free to be me.
6.I lack trust and confidence in my family and friends.
7.I tend to neglect God in my life.
8.I feel fear in my life on a regular basis.
9.It’s difficult to express feeling thankful.
10.I judge people when I meet them.
11.I have a disconnection with God & prayer.
12.I am afraid to speak in front of people.
13.My walk doesn’t always trust in what happens.
14.My daily life feels crazy and unsettled .
15.I never see any light anywhere in my life.
16.I have dishonest feelings sometimes.
17.I have a disbelief in my connection with God.
18.I dishonor myself in my life.
19.I feel indifferent to myself sometimes and to some people in my life.
20.Life is hard so why feel grateful.
21.I have a hard time caring for others.
22.I feel a disconnect to my spiritual being.
23.Weakness takes over me sometimes.
24.Sometimes desperation takes over.
25.I have a lot of pain in my body, mind, spirit and soul.
26.The absence of light makes me depressed.
27.I tell little white lies sometimes.
28.I doubt my decisions in life daily.
29.I feel shame on a daily basis.
30.I experience apathy often.
31.My sour attitude is too strong.
32.Life is too hard for me so why care.
33.I don’t feel like I allow and accept God’s answered prayer
34.I feel stressed and anxious most of the time.
35.I am always frustrated.
36.I am unsettled in my relationship to family, friends and strangers.