HOPE (this too shall pass) Gemstone Bracelet


Bring a positive perspective to any difficult situation with the HOPE (this too shall pass) Gemstone Bracelet. Made with Green Calcite, Amazonite, and Citrine, this bracelet empowers you to see and follow a clear path to a better life. Wear it on your left wrist to infuse balance and positivity to your self-worth.  Or wear it on your right wrist when sending hopeful and accepting energy to a person or situation.  Discover the strengthening energy that comes from remaining committed to positivity and acceptance. Highly recommended for wearing if you feel you’re struggling with addiction, your resolve is flagging or are facing a bullying or abusive situation.

Featuring 48-hour cleared, energized and activated gemstones hand-chosen by our Crystal Intuitive:

GREEN CALCITE: Restores the balance that you have lost, helping you become whole again by filling your heart with hope, peace and serenity

AMAZONITE: Known as the stone of hope, it will help bring happiness into your life, as well as realization of all your hopes and dreams

CITRINE: Brings in a sunny disposition and light to allow you to believe hope is possible

Designed to bring maximum color, emotional and spiritual benefits to your life, each gemstone crystal is chosen for its energetic profile. No two bracelets are alike due to the natural variations in crystals and semi-precious stones.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. We do not buy in bulk. Each gemstone is sourced and chosen specifically for your bracelet, then it spends over 48 hours being cleared, energized and activated in a harmonious setting.




Amazonite, Citrine, Green Calcite




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