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Empower your fertility by visualizing a new life taking form.  Whether you are looking to become pregnant, want a more fertile mind for new business ideas or need to strengthen the seeds of a new life, this energy portrait can help break down the blockages that are standing in your way.  Created to channel expansion energy into your mind, body and spirit, this ATTRACTING FERTILITY Energy Portrait features shades of anti-stress blues and gentle-on-yourself peaches,  while the abstract shapes represent flow and expression for new life formation.


Brette Petway’s Healing Energy Portraits are created by combining art, intuition, and felt senses. Each individualized, original piece of art is channeled through and created by her onto 5”x7” paper.

As a daily practitioner of art therapy, Brette has spent 20 years reflecting and mirroring energy through an artistic response.  Healing Energy Portraits can be a meaningful and beautiful gift for yourself or for a loved one. They are a special way to mark a birthday, holiday, life transition, or to receive a clear reflection of your essence.

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Each 5×7 card includes an original painted artwork on one side and a message personally written by Brette Petway on the other. Each painting is activated to its intention, and we recommend it be placed in a visible location in your home so that the energy is transmitted throughout.


Faith, Hope


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