How To Build a Drama-Free Home

Have you ever thought about how much we experience in our home life?  A lot goes on in our homes.  We rest in them, we cook and have our meals, we entertain, we bathe there, usually more than one person lives there, a family, we watch TV there, we use the computer and cellphones there, we collect our ‘stuff’ there.  And, much more.  We live physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in our homes.  This is easy to recognize at times, and, not so easy to recognize at times.  I sometimes use the word drama because it’s a lot to deal with all at once. One definition of drama is ‘any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest or results.’   Being human, we can experience these types of circumstances at different times and moments in our life, especially in our homes. 


There are the 3 ways that I bring peace to my home.   Each one of them helps relieve the drama and brings harmony to my home life.  These can be shared individually or they can happen all at once. If we practice these qualities in our homes, it will help those that are in our homes as well. Live simply so that others may simply live.  These 3 ways to peace in our homes are simply simple practices to support us in all aspects, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. 



Make Family Meditation & Prayer a Priority

The first one is practicing being quiet. Taking time for silence and meditation. Practicing prayer.  These are all ways to take care of ourselves within our home life.  This is helpful to practice every single day.  Both in the am and pm.  The quiet time is actually connecting us to our spiritual connection to God, Jesus or Source.  I created Jesus in the House as a reminder every single day to connect, meditate and pray.  I call this a daily prayerful pause for love, ease and grace.



Create a Home Altar

The second practice is creating a home altar.  An altar is a sacred space that you nurture with things that matter to you most.  Flowers, pictures or Energy Portraits, candles, a prayer, House Charms for specific prayers, some incense, Jesus in the House, etc.   Really whatever means something to you, it’s very personal.  Nurturing our altar daily brings a sacred sense of peace and harmony from within that nurtures ourself and everyone in our home.  The altar can be a communal altar, located in the living area, where everyone uses it or it can be more personal, located in a bedroom or office.  Really whatever speaks to the circumstances.  We can pray and meditate with the altar as well.  It’s a living space that creates less drama and more love. 



Cleanliness Is Godliness

The third practice is keeping a clean home.  Living in a dirty environment or with clutter can actually affect our wellbeing, causing stress and anxiety which then causes drama. Living in a clean environment externally helps us feel clean and pure from within.   This is the Maria Kondo approach to life.  If we keep our home lives simple, it helps create less drama and more freedom in our lives.  Our ‘stuff’ does affect us internally as well.  So, being aware of this and nurturing this everyday along with our altar, prayer and meditation will help us personally and those around us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 


Try all three of these practices daily and see how your home life will be more peaceful with harmony, ease and grace.  It takes intention everyday with gratitude to change from drama to peace.  It’s so freeing to nurture ourselves and our home life.  Share with us your experiences with these practices.  Blessing you and your home.