Ignite The Power Within You

Combining color, felt sense intuition, and connected transmissions, my custom Healing Energy Portraits bring energy and activation to your intentions. Each individualized, original piece of art is created by me onto 5x7 paper, and is completely unique to the individual for whom it is intended. Whether you want to bring positive energy to your mental and physical health, financial stability, relationship, family or recovery efforts,  Healing Energy Portraits can support you.

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Energized With Color

Colors affect our mental processes and can change our mood. Each color has a different effect, so a customized palette of colors are used in our Healing Energy Portraits depending on your energetic blocks and mood challenges. The following list describes what each of the main colors we may use in your custom Healing Energy Portrait can do for you.


Green is the most balancing of all the colors. When you’re feeling sad, hopeless, or depressed, green can improve your mood.

Green is said to enhance the emotions of love, joy, and inner peace. It can bring you hope, strength, and serenity while  increasing your wisdom and facilitating change and independence.


Blue helps you express your feelings, thoughts, and is related to your inner truth. Blue is a cold color that can be used to help you become more peaceful and relaxed. It is also associated with wisdom, creativity, loyalty, and spirituality. Light blue promotes serenity and can also be used to help with insomnia.


Yellow helps to bring energy and encourage action. This color can make you feel happier. It can bring out your intelligence, wisdom and light, so you can see clearly in every circumstance.


Orange signifies abundance, pleasure, well-being, and sexuality. Orange may be used to stimulate different organs in the body for physical healing. It revitalizes you and gives you increased mental energy. It can increase your feeling of connectedness between your mind and body.


Red is even more stimulating than orange. It influences emotional issues like financial independence and physical survival. It’s mostly used for physical healing because its emotional effects can be extreme.


Purple is most strongly associated with beauty, spirituality, and bliss. In color therapy, violet is often used to initiate feelings of calm and relaxation. We use various shades of purple in the underlying layers of our Healing Energy Portraits to strengthen your connection to your Higher Power.


Connect To Your Felt Sense

Felt senses lie under the radar of normal consciousness. They are unclear mind/body sensations that for the most part go unnoticed.  Yet they are not wholly unconscious; they can be “found” by bringing a special quality of gentle mindfulness to the zone of subtle bodily experiencing in which they form. When attended to with friendly but dispassionate attention, felt senses that start out vague and indescribable can show up with greater clarity and presence.

In focusing and absorbing your attention on your Healing Energy Portrait, your felt sense can come alive and offer you a fresh and deeply insightful message about life situations. By repeating a question while meditating on your portrait, spontaneous flashes of insight and intuition can occur that generate novel perceptions and understandings, leading to fresh solutions to life’s challenges.


How Your Portrait Is Created

After you place your order, I will send you a message via email that includes a few questions about you (or for you to answer about the recipient of a gift portrait.) In addition to answering the questions, you will need to provide a clear, color photograph of yourself (or the recipient). Once I receive your answers and the photo, I immerse myself in quiet solitude and welcome the creative spirit to flow through me.  Through the brush and my fingers come the artistic translation of the messages, felt senses and color being transmitted to me.


Share The Love

Healing Energy Portraits can be a meaningful and beautiful gift for yourself or for a loved one. They are a special way to mark a birthday, holiday, life transition, or to support someone in recovery. You can frame pairs for couples (for wedding or anniversary gifts) or frame multiples for members of a family to bring peace and harmony into their home.

healing energy portrait custom artwork



I recieved my lovely card … Thank you! ???Have it tucked in the pocket of my Bible cover!

Robin P. 

I received my portrait and I love it so much. Will treasure it and put it next to my fiancé picture. – Robin

Lisa Marie 

I received mine in the mail the other day and I just had to sit and cry! It was so beautiful and brought so much peace to my heart. I promptly hung it up so I can look at it everyday! Thank you sooooo much! It is something I will always treasure.??????

Nichole W. 

Received mine yesterday. Thank you so much, I did place it on my mantel but I got an ideal from your page & I think I’ll frame it.


healing energy portrait custom artwork

Get Yours Now

Please allow up to 1 week after I receive your questionnaire responses for creation, plus the shipping time. (If you need it by a certain date, please do let me know, as I may be able to create it sooner for you, depending on my calendar.)

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